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» Foodies on a Mission - Tea for Two

Tea for Two taste testing with Susie and Jay at Tea Time.
Take a Look ->

» Foodies on a Mission - Evil Jungle Princess
Learn about what goes into an Evil Jungle Princess from Ling & Louies.
Check it Out...

» Foodies on a Mission - Sliced, Diced & Served
Meet chef Justin Beckett from Beckett's Kitchen Table as he shows us some knife techniques for the kitchen. Take a look ->

» Foodies on a Mission - Sushi Smackdown
Susie Timm and J.E. Pizarro learn the art of sushi making from Executive Chef Ce Bian and Sushi Chef Chris Suzuki at Roka Akor. They put their skills to the test in a sushi smackdown. Will one emerge as victor or both swim with the fish? Take a Look...

» Foodies on a Mission - Shaken and Stirred
Susie Timm and J.E. Pizarro get schooled in mixology from one Ms. Trudy Thomas then square off in a Shaken & Stirred battle. Who will take home the olive skewer trophy? Tune in...

» Foodies on a Mission: Cake Decor
Find out who can decorate a cake better, Jay or Susie.
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